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From the Stage to a Booth...





Acting talent that will bring to life the voices in your head!


C.L Avery - Author 

Robin's Lake Road

"Working with Jaimee on "Robin's Lake Road" was an absolutely delight. She is a service-oriented and consummate professional, always seeking to meet her client's needs. I never had to worry about her work product, and sales for the completed audiobook stand as a glowing testimonial to her talent and professionalism! Know that with Jaimee, your book is in good hands!"

A.C Merkel - Author

Her Name is Murder

There is no other word for working with Jaimee Moore that fits more aptly than “delightful”. 

She is both charming and professional in her communications. She also didn’t have any reservations about going further to get what I wanted out of a scene. She has an amazing work ethic. That’s the boring, but important, stuff out of the way! 

She is quite skilled. 

Anyone can read your book. 

Jaimee reached into the pages and gave my characters life. Her acting and accent work are both exceptional. I was continually delighted as characters entered the story and their voices matched or exceeded; (Evy Laurent OMG) my own expectations. Which were quite high. 

Most importantly, she made me fall in love with my title character all over again, as she carefully crafted her voice, and handled her multiple accents in a way that I didn’t think would be possible without literal magic. 

I am blown away! 

A.C. Merkel 

Author— Her Name Is Murder

Alexandra Boylan - Author 

Create Your Own Career in Hollywood

Working with Jaimee Moore to bring my book "Create Your own Career in Hollywood" to life as an audio book was the most effortless process. Jaimee executed the telling of my book with the perfect tone and passion I was looking for. Plus she brought the project in weeks before the due date. I highly recommend her work!

Alexandra Boylan

Carolyn Ridder Aspenson


Holiday Hills Witch Cozy Mysteries

Jaimee is a complete joy to work with! She’s a pro in both the process of narrating books as well as the bringing my characters to life. Inflection and tone are so important in narration, and a narrator must have just the right style to define each character as well as the flow of the story, and Jaimee is excellent as making that all work. She makes it seem easy, too. As an author, it’s complicated, having someone else read your words. It’s just hard to take a character who’s become an imaginary friend and allow someone else to bring them to life because there’s always that risk of the narrator missing the mark. I haven’t experienced that with Jaimee, and honestly, I don’t even question her decisions on my characters anymore. She knows them, and I’m beginning to think they’re now living inside her head too. As for her timeframes, commitment to deadlines, and all that other important stuff that stresses out authors, I haven’t even thought about any of that with her. She’s timely, pays attention to detail, and hasn’t missed a deadline yet. I can’t exactly say that about myself, but she’s worked with my delays too, and I appreciate that more than I can say. I am grateful for her professionalism and her knack for getting it right the first time. If you’re looking for attention to accents, character building, and a great voice, check her out! You can’t go wrong!

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