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Thank you for visiting Freddy & Dudley's page!
You can currently purchase Book #1 of the Freddy & Dudley series on Amazon, see the link below!
Book#2 is currently in the works!


Book #2 is almost fully illustrated by the Amazing Umeahika Geethanjali!

If you want to be the first to know when it hits the virtual shelf, leave me your info here and I'll let you know!!


I will message you when it's live on Amazon!

Freddy & Dudley say HI!!

Freddy & Dudley say HI!!

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Here's a little introduction of how Freddy & Dudley came to be...

Origin of F&D

Origin of F&D

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This is a video that I made as an introduction to the book for River's scool. It's intended for a young audience, but still fun information on how Freddy and Dudley came to be!


Review of The Adventures of Freddy & Dudley Report

Unread post by Elendu Ekechukwu » 07 Mar 2022, 09:21   [Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of "The Adventures of Freddy & Dudley" by Jaimee Moore.]
4 out of 4 starsShare This Review

We often get carried away admiring what others have, that we don't see what we can do ourselves. The Adventures of Freddy and Dudley by Jaimee Moore is a children's book that will help any child battling with low self-esteem overcome their fears.

Freddy and Dudley are very good friends. Freddy was a firefly, while Dudley was a spider. Freddy wished he had legs like Dudley so he could climb over any wall he wanted. On the other hand, Dudley wished he had wings like Freddy's, so he could fly as high as he wanted. They both went as far as making both legs and wings for each other, all to no avail. When night came, they both had to go back home. Freddy began to fly, he now began to appreciate his flying abilities, while Dudley went on to climb a very high wall. They both realized that they were better off being themselves than trying to mimic someone else.

Self-esteem is something that should be cultured and nurtured in every child at a young age because this value is not easy to develop at an old age. Even as adults, we still have issues with ourselves. We are never satisfied with the way we are. We often think and wish that we could be someone else, not knowing what that person might be growing through. I once wished I could be like a boy at my school, not knowing that the boy back at home suffered domestic violence. After I learned what this boy went through, I started to admire and respect myself more.

There was nothing to hate in this book. The story was very short, yet it was interesting, educational, and inspirational. Imagine every child in this generation getting to read this book and more books like it. Then the next generation would be very strong-willed. This book, to an extent, was therapeutic for me. I'm going through a phase where I doubt myself. After reading this book, I can boldly say that I'm coming back stronger.

I'm rating this book 4 out of 4 stars. I would recommend it to every child out there, no matter their religion or gender. The author added some pictures to help the reader paint a mental image of what he or she was reading. This book was exceptionally well-edited. I found no errors while reading. I would love to read more books by this author in the future.